Runner Up (2nd Place), 7th Edition of the Pollux Awards, Digital Manipulation, York, UK

June 24, 2015

The image, Subway to South Georgia, was named the "Runner Up" in the Digital Manipulation Category (Professional Division) of the 7th Edition of the Pollux Awards, produced by the Gala Awards at Regency House, Westminster Place, York, United Kingdom.  The winning slot was a tie awarded to Alex Braverman and Gary Dates.  Sharing the "Runner Up" category was myself and Dale O'Dell.  Six Finalists were also named for this category.  The image depicts digitally composite multiple photographs, featuring penguins and New Yorkers with the New York Subway Station set in an Antarctic scene.  The jigsaw puzzle effect was digitally added to enhance the playfulness and bewilderment of the scene.  The Gallery of winning images from the Gala Awards are online and may be viewed by clicking here.  


This image was recently on exhibition (without the jigsaw puzzle effect) in a photographic salon in 2014 at the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, as well as awarded an Honorable Mention in 2014 (again, without the jigsaw puzzle effect) from the International Photography Awards.  The jigsaw puzzle effect was digitally added specifically for this competition. 


Subway To South Georgia, The Puzzle


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