Organizations Saving Biodiversity


There are many organizations throughout the World trying to save our threatened and endangered wildlife, and I have only begun to list  some of them on this page.  Hopefully, you will take the time to learn more about a few of these organizations and the work that they are conducting to help save our planet.  In support of their work, 15% percent of the sale of any of my work will be donated to an organization below of the buyer's choice (the buyer may write a check directly to the organization or remit a credit card receipt for credit, which enables the buyer to obtain any tax deduction available).  A more complete list of endangered species may be found at IUCN's Red List or at Earth's Endangered at .   For my summary of the IUCN, please click .


African Wildlife Foundation
Antarctic Ocean Alliance
Antarctic & Southern Ocean Coalition
Bird Life
Blue Marine Foundation
Born Free
Center for Great Apes
Cheetah Conservation Fund
David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
Defenders of Wildlife
Earth Island Institute
Elephant Voices
Elephants Without Borders
Forest and Bird
Giraffe Conservation Foundation
Gorilla Fund (Dian Fossey)
Gorilla Organization
Howling For Wolves
Humane Society International
International Crane Foundation
International Gorilla Conservation Fund
International Rhino Foundation
Jane Goodall Institute
Last Ocean Charitable Trust
Laurel Neme
Lion Aid
Marine Conservation Institute
Mission Blue
Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund
National Audubon Society
National Fish and Wildlife Conservation
National Wildlife Foundation
Ocean Care
Oceans 5
Orangutan Foundation Int'l
Orangutan Outreach
Orangutan Project
Pandas International
Pew Charitable Trust
Polar Bears International
Red List of Threatened Species (IUCN)
Save The Elephants
Save Elephant Foundation
Save The Chimps
Save The Manatee
Save The Rhino Trust
Save The Whales
SOS Elephants
Teaming with Wildlife
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
Whale & Dolphin Conservation Center
Wild Aid
Wild Care
Wild Cat Haven
Wildlife Conservation Society
Wildlife Conservation Network
Wildlife Habitat Council
wildlife Trusts
World Wildlife Foundation


There sphere of Animal Law is also expanding across the Globe to aid in the protection of our Wildlife.  While this arena is not within my  expertise, occasionally, I come across sources that may aid those who wish to research this subject further. 

Animal Law 101