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The Los Angeles Center for Digital Art has selected CMYK for exhibition in their "Electron Salon" Exhibition running March 12 through April 4th. The "Electron Salon" series is an international group exhibition designed to feature work that highlights the emerging digital artistic methods applied in digital art, today. More information is available on their Web site at

CMYK is a project designed to illustrate some of the latest techniques in digital manipulation, processing and presentation of digital photography. In this image, the Artist has captured a single photograph, and from it, digitally altered its colors into four separate images. Slicing each image into a triangle, the four triangles are then digitally reassembled into a composite to form a single square. From this square, the new image has then been extruded into a 3 dimensional cube, altering its original axis. A directional lighting effect has then been applied to create spacial depth. This altered 3-d image is then set against one of the CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) color backgrounds, and digitally cut into a jigsaw puzzle. This final image is then set into a digitally created metallic border for presentation.

CMYK is reference to Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black, the four color model that was used in traditional offset full-color printing. In traditional four-color printing, all colors could be described as a mixture using these four process colors. This historic method of printing has created the ground work for today's digital photographic software and printing technologies. Using the reference of CMYK, this project seeks to bridge the gap of modern day digital photographic processes in comparison with their earlier days of chemical processes, by demonstrating how the general theory of color processing remains intact while the technological mythologies have greatly evolved.