George Grubb | Exhibiting in "Landscape: A Sense of Place" at Site:Brooklyn Gallery, May 25 - June 26

Exhibiting in "Landscape: A Sense of Place" at Site:Brooklyn Gallery, May 25 - June 26

May 25, 2016

The Artist Reception opens tonight, Wednesday, May 25th, for the exhibition titled, "Landscape: A Sense of Place," being showcased at the Site:Brooklyn Gallery in Brooklyn, New York.  The exhibition is curated by Annette Rose-Shapiro, Managing Editor at ARTnews, Ltd, and will run May 26 through June 26, 2016.  Juror Annette Rose-Shapiro selected the print, "Forgotten No. 3," from the Forgotten - Series II to participate in this exhibition, which incorporates photography as well as fine art.  "Forgotten" depicts a World War II U.S. military base in East Greenland whose scattered fuel drums continue to leak more than a half-century later. This second series integrates a stylistic technique that merges low-key, historic-appearing black & white photographic style with contemporary bleeding-edge-color to metaphorically expand our awareness of the cleanup that remains. The gallery is located at 165 7th Street in Brooklyn, New York, and its hours are posted on their Web site at  This exhibition marks the fifth juried group exhibition in the U.S. this year with work from this series.

Forgotten 3Forgotten 3"Forgotten" is a portfolio of images that depict an old abandoned World War II U.S. Military Base in East Greenland, that is yet, to this day, to be cleaned up. The fuel drums continue to leak over a half-century later, reminding the viewer of the lingering destructive cost of war. The digital technique used in this series metaphorically combines the historic black & white photographic style with the contemporary color edge-bleeding technique to represent the lingering passage of time.

Forgotten No. 3


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