George Grubb | IUCN Red List 50th Anniversary Biophilia Ball Benefit - 3 Prints Auctioned on Paddle8

IUCN Red List 50th Anniversary Biophilia Ball Benefit - 3 Prints Auctioned on Paddle8

November 12, 2014

On Saturday, November 22, in London's Natural History Museum, an event that is being billed as the biggest wildlife party ever to be held in London, the Biophilia Ball, will be held to celebrate 50 years of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature's (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species. This project is the world's most comprehensive information source on the global conservation status of plant, animal and fungi species. 

The event will bring together global dignitaries, wildlife ambassadors, artists, musicians and actors -- all united in their passion for nature. The benefit will raise funds which will be distributed by Synchronicity Earth to partners that restore degraded habitat project species on the brink of extinction and support local communities.

The Biophilia Ball will be held at the Natural History Museum and the venue will be transformed to recreate the biosphere in all its glory through the creative use of sound, light, performance and food. Guests will wear unique hand-painted masks by artist, Alice Shirley, each representing a unique species, and a sustainably sourced menu designed by Michelin rated chef, Bruno Loubet. A live and silent auction featuring beautiful and inspirational art will lead to the Ball's grand musical finale. 

Three framed prints from George Grubb's "New York City Wildlife" series will be offered up for auction at this event. They are "Wandering Over Manhattan," "Strolling Through Bryant Park," and "Riding The New York Subway." The prints are framed in reclaimed wood, and have an edition size of only 3. Click Here For Detailed Report on Prints Up For Auction.  For more information on this event being held in London, please visit Synchronicity Earth's Web site.  These prints will be on view in London at the Natural History Museum for the event.


Wandering Over ManhattanWandering Over ManhattanClick for Detailed Report on Print

Click for BIDDING information for "Wandering Over Manhattan"


Strolling Through Bryant ParkStrolling Through Bryant ParkClick for Detailed Report on Print Click for BIDDING information for "Strolling Through Bryant Park"


Riding The New York Subway Click for BIDDING information for "Riding The New York Subway"

Click Here For Detailed Report on Prints Up For Auction


On October 16, I was invited to the IUCN Open House and a Reception for the World Conservation Congress National Host Committee in Washington, DC.  The evening was an opportunity to meet the staff of the IUCN working in that office, as well as to get a personal introduction to the events being planned for the World Conservation Congress, a global event that occurs only once every four years. The USA will be hosting this global event for its first time in Hawaii in 2016. For more information, please visit the World Conservation Congress Web site.

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