George Grubb | Center for Fine Art Photography, LANDSCAPES, Juror Natasha Egan, May 6 - Jun 11

Center for Fine Art Photography, LANDSCAPES, Juror Natasha Egan, May 6 - Jun 11

February 13, 2016

Juror, Natasha Egan, has selected Forgotten No. 2 for the upcoming group exhibition, "LANDSCAPES" at the Center for Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins, Colorado.  The exhibition will run May 6 through June 11, 2016, with an opening reception to be held Friday, May 6, from 6:00pm - 9:00pm at the gallery.  Since 2011, Natasha Egan has served as the executive director of the Museum of Contemporary Photography at Columbia College Chicago (MoCP).  She has organized over fifty exhibitions with a focus on contemporary Asian art and artists concerned with societal issues, such as the environment, war, and economics.  Egan was a guest curator for the 2010 FotoFest Biennial in Houston, Texas and juried international exhibitions. Egan has contributed essays to numerous publications and peridicals and lectures internationally. For over a decade, she taught in the photography and humanities departments at Columbia College Chicago, and holds a BA in Asian studies, MA in museum studdies, and an MFA in fine art photography.

The selected image is part of a larger portfolio of images captured of an abandoned World War II U.S. military base in East Greenland, called "Bluie East Two."  This abandoned base leaves behind as its legacy, thousands of fuel drums, that continue leaking to this day. More images submitted for exhibition consideration may be viewed on this Web site at

The Center for Fine Art Photography was founded in 2004 and is a nonprofit organization that provides three public galleries, classrooms and support to photographic artists through exhibition, promotion, education and connection to a large community of artists, curators, gallery owners and industry leading photographic professionals.  The Center is located at 400 North College Avenue, Fort Collins, Colorado, 80524. More information may be obtained by visiting their Web site at

Forgotten 2Forgotten 2"Forgotten" is a portfolio of images that depict an old abandoned World War II U.S. Military Base in East Greenland, that is yet, to this day, to be cleaned up. The fuel drums continue to leak over a half-century later, reminding the viewer of the lingering destructive cost of war. The digital technique used in this series metaphorically combines the historic black & white photographic style with the contemporary color edge-bleeding technique to represent the lingering passage of time.

Forgotten No. 2




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